By The Pool

Linsey once said that the best way to "pull" (pick-up) a girl was to NOT talk to her. This is one school of thought in the seduction playbook and Linsey seems to have subscribed to it early. What does she mean? "You get so many people coming up to you that you get bored with it. If he just ignores you, and he looks nice, and he's not paying any attention to you, it gets you wanting more, I think. You want to go up and talk to him. Sort of like 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.' If he ignores me all night, how do I know he's actually interested in me? Well, I don't! I have to go up to him and find out. Sometimes the chase is the best." Judging from these pictures, being a photographer is a pretty good way to get girls to take off their clothes right away without having to pull any "techniques" on them. Just point that camera at them and they start to slide out of their bathing suits. Sweet!

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