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Letters to Linsey "I've just read the note from Tom in the 'Lil' Hottie' photo set and I'd like to add my support for his request to republish more of Linsey's older sets. I've been a member of LinseysWorld since the last century and I really miss some of the old pictures. I think it'd add even more appeal for Linsey's fans, especially if - as Tom suggests - you publish them without announcing it on the What's New section. I'd also like to say thanks and great job each week and every week and especially for 'Lil Hottie.' Linsey always looks fantastic in white but I thought she was looking particularly seductive and sultry. Could I suggest a location for a photo shoot now that the winter is approaching? We've seen lots of Linsey outdoors at the beach or by the pool in the past; how about a few outdoors shoots in the mountains, and in the snow? It'd be a great opportunity to see Linsey in some skintight leggings and figure-hugging jumpers .. and what might a little nip in the air do for Linsey's delectable nipples? Anyway keep up the great work.-Fender" "Dear Linsey, Love the site, surely the horniest site on the web.
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